• Android Permissions…What do they do?

    By TrustGo Security Labs On July 5, 2012 In Privacy, Security

    If you’ve ever pressed “Accept & Download” button and wondered, “What did I just do?” we applaud you. That’s the first step to becoming aware of the permissions you grant the apps you use. But unless you’re a deep-thinker about privacy and data security, you might still have questions. To help, we’ve put together a [...]

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  • Mobile security is your friend when your friends are secure.

    By TrustGo Security Labs On June 5, 2012 In Malware, Security

    So, you run into an old friend at a concert who you haven’t seen in years. The music is loud and he or she is in a hurry, so you agree to catch up over lunch next week. Later, you realize that the number you’ve got is way out of date. Now what? Why not [...]

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  • A Bright Idea in Mobile Security & Privacy

    By TrustGo Security Labs On May 26, 2012 In Security

    About a year ago, I was voted the nighttime dog walker of the family. It must have been a secret ballot, because I don’t recall nominating myself. Every night at about 9pm, as the kids are finishing their homework and my wife is settling in, my Formosan Mountain Dog rescue, Hugo, starts nipping at my [...]

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