Mobile security is your friend when your friends are secure.

By TrustGo Security Labs On June 5, 2012 In Malware, Security

So, you run into an old friend at a concert who you haven’t seen in years. The music is loud and he or she is in a hurry, so you agree to catch up over lunch next week. Later, you realize that the number you’ve got is way out of date. Now what?

Why not call a friend who knows your long-lost buddy and get the number from them?  Problem solved!

In our personal lives, there’s nothing wrong with that. But when it comes to mobile, it illustrates why both you and your long-lost friend need TrustGo Mobile Security on your phones. Here’s why:

Every time you download an app, you give the developer permissions to access certain kinds of data. If it’s a contact app, you probably wouldn’t think twice about allowing the developer to store contacts from your phone on their servers.

But sometimes, apps (especially the free ones) are built using bits of code that deliver ads to your phone. They’re called “ad networks.” And surprisingly, by default the ad network gets access to the same permissions you’ve given to the app itself.

The good ad networks (and we mean the vast, vast majority) aren’t doing anything with those permissions that you need to worry about. However, there are a few that take advantage of those permissions to send spam messages to your friends, sell their numbers and more.

If you’ve got TrustGo Mobile Security on your phone, your contacts are protected from this kind of nastiness.  We make it easy to identify and eliminate “High Risk” apps with aggressive ad networks embedded in them. So all your friends are safe.

But what about you?

Your information is likely on every one of your friends’ phones. If they don’t have TrustGo like you do, your phone number and social data could be at risk whenever they download a bad app.

So be a real friend and get your friends to use TrustGo. It’s good for them…and for you.

TrustGo provides complete security for your contacts