• TrustGo Halloween Spotlight

    By TrustGo Security Labs On October 24, 2012 In Categories

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  • The Big App Malware Story That Wasn’t

    By TrustGo Security Labs On October 19, 2012 In Categories

    Odds are, you DIDN’T hear about TrustGo Secure Labs’ discovery yesterday of a new and potentially nasty virus on Google Play. Unless you regularly read great sites like Mobile Business Briefing, or Search Security, you’ll find that there really wasn’t much chatter about it in the general public. So why wasn’t it a big deal? Was [...]

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  • New Virus FakeLookout.A Discovered by TrustGo Security Labs

    By TrustGo Security Labs On October 17, 2012 In Malware, Security, Viruses

    On Oct 17th 2012, TrustGo Security Labs uncovered a new malware on Google Play, named Trojan!FakeLookout.A. Figure 1 This malware hides itself in the full Application List after installation. It only shows up in the Downloaded app list where it uses Lookout’s icon and the name “Updates”. Figure 2 This malware can receive and execute [...]

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